Petmoves Services

The following are some of the Services we offer. Please be aware that the prices are smaller estimates and you should get quotes before doing anything.

Our Pet Import/Export Role

Our role is to provide our clients with an individually prepared and specially tailored Australian Import Guide containing specific import requirements for the country your pet is coming from. The Petmoves specifically tailored Personal Import Guide prepared for you, covers all the legal requirements from the beginning of the export from the country of origin all the way to booking and arriving into Australian Quarantine, in using Petmoves "Individually prepared and specially Taliored Australian Import Guide" YOU can successfully manage YOUR OWN import process saving thousands of dollars by not using a Pet Import Company. Contact Us. for more information

Our Pet Import Services

When bringing your dog or cat into Australia, by far the cheapest option is to do it yourself. Contact Petmoves for a quote on one of our packages and the savings you can make when importing yourself.

The decision to manage the importation yourself is made so much easier, by knowing that Petmoves can provide you with all the assistance you could possibly need.

Save TIME, save MONEY, gain ASSURANCE!



Each guide is individually prepared and specially tailored for YOUR particular import's requirements and country of origin, so that you can successfully manage the import process yourself.

It includes instructions and information about all tasks for both you and your Exporter, beginning with microchip requirements right through to booking flights. It provides the greatest depth of information, support and guidance available anywhere!

This manual is an invaluable resource to the do-it-yourself Importer. It's available only through Petmoves, representing exceptional value for money!


In case any issues or problems should inadvertently arise, it is advisable to add this service to your Import Guide, drawing as it does upon the advice and trouble-shooting expertise that Petmoves can provide.

It also includes the checking of all documentation and paperwork for you, so that any errors can be identified and rectified. This means you can avoid any serious, unexpected and expensive consequences.




Gain enormous savings and rest easy knowing that everything is being done correctly, with a minimum of stress, fuss and time.

For further information about our services, please don't hesitate to contact us.


There are various prices and packages available to choose from. Pricing depends on the Import Category Country and whether it is a canine or feline, however below you will find a basic pricing outline for some of the various services we provide. They are specially tailored, individualised and prepared for your particular import's requirements and come with ALL THE INFORMATION, TIPS, HINTS AND TOOLS YOU NEED TO IMPORT YOUR DOG YOURSELF.

Monitoring Module
AU$ 60 2 Hour block
  • In case of any issues it is advisable to also purchase this service, in addition to one of the Basic Canine Import/Export Guides
  • It draws upon the expert advise Petmoves can provide including:
  • Providing answers to those questions which may arise during the import process
  • Providing advice and solutions for issues or problems which may arise
  • Checking of RNATT Declaration, blood test results, laboratory reports, vaccination schedules and parasite treatments
Full Management Service
From AU$ 600 50% Booking
50% before export
  • We manage the complete, entire process for you, including:
  • Working directly with your Exporter and arranging all overseas tasks with them, ensuring that all necessary documentation is obtained and correct timelines followed
  • assisting you to apply for the Import Permit and Quarantine
  • Arranging travel to Australia with an overseas pet transport company and liasing with them.
  • Monitoring Module (FULLY INCLUDED)
Tailor Made Option
AUD$ Varies Depends Upon Items
(Quote Required)
  • As a Consultancy we can Tailor Make our Offered Services to match your needs:
  • If you can do some stuff without our assistance then you can do that
  • If you only want our assistance for the Import or Export of your Pet for certain things then we can provide just those services
  • What services we assist you with come with the tools and/or Guides needed
  • Our Services can be tailored to include advice and solutions for issues or problems you may be having
  • Want quotes from multiple companys to choose the best option, we can do that
  • If you don't need our full service options, contact us for a quote to Tailor our Services to match your needs.

Please ensure that you ALWAYS contact us for a full and accurate Quote before purchasing a product above. All prices are general prices and prices vary depending on many factors that needed to be calculated, so please ENSURE YOU CONTACT US FOR AN ACCURATE QUOTE.